IGA Calendar of Events
Conferences and Expositions
October 19-23, 1997 Annual Conference on Water Resources & Symposium on Conjunctive Use of Water Resources: Aquifer Storage and Recovery, 
Sheraton Long Beach Hotel, Long Beach, California. 
Sponsored by American Water Resources Association. 
Information: (703) 904-1225 or awrahq@aol.com
October 20-23, 1997 The Geological Society of America 1997 Annual Meeting, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Information: (303) 447-2020 or (800) 472-1988, meetings@ geosociety.org or http://www.geosociety.org
October 22-24, 1997 The 42nd Annual Midwest Groundwater Conference
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Coralville, Iowa
Information: Robert Buchmiller, USGS, MWGWC, P.O. Box 1230, Iowa City, Iowa 52244
mw-gwc@usgs.gov, or contact Carol Thompson at (319) 335-1575
November 6, 1997 Fall 1997 IGA-WGWA Joint Conference
The Abby in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Sponsored by the Illinois Groundwater Association and the Wisconsin Ground Water Association
Information: Agenda,IGA Newsletter
November 12-14, 1997 1997 Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Groundwater: Prevention, Detection, and Remediation Conference and Exposition. 
The Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas
Sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute and the National Ground Water Association
Information: (800) 551-7379 or (614) 898-7791
November 16-19, 1997 International Conference on Advances in Groundwater Hydrology - A Decade of Progress
Tampa, Florida
Contact: American Institute of Hydrology (612) 484-8169 or AIHydro@aol.com
November 22-24, 1997 "Priming the Pump" water educators workshop and Groundwater Guardian Designation Conference
McDonald’s Corporate Campus, Chicago, Illinois
Contact: Cindy Kreifels or Amy Killham, The Groundwater Foundation, (800) 858-4844
January 26-29, 1998 Tailings and Mine Waste ’98, Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact Linda Hinshaw, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, at (970) 491-6081 or e-mail: lhinshaw@vines.colostate.edu
February 4-6, 1998 Ground Water Conference
Mariott-Middleton, Madison, Wisconsin
Sponsored by the Wisconsin Water Well Association
Contact: Rod Pfeiffer at (414) 657-7830
February 16-20, 1998 International Erosion Control Association, 29th Annual Conference and Trade Exposition
Reno, Nevada
Contact: (800) 455-4322 or ecinfo@ieca.org
March 4, 1998 Environment ‘98-The Federation of Environmental Technologists Conference and Exhibition
Milwaukee Hilton, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Contact: Triese Haase at (414) 251-8163 
March 29-31, 1998 Annual Meeting of the Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals
Pere Marquette Hotel in Peoria, Illinois
Contact: Sue Bohenstengle at (708) 386-1566
May 14-18, 1998 Linking Spatial and Temporal Scales in Paleoecology and Ecology
Annapolis, Maryland
Contact: Lois Elms, Western Experience Penrose Conference Coordinators for the GSA at (719) 597-9201 or ljelms@aol.com
May 17, 1998 American Society of Surface Mining and Reclamation, Mining-Gateway to the Future
St. Louis, Missouri
Contact: Dianne Throgmorton, Southern Illinois University, at (618) 536-5521 or diannet@siu.edu
July 4-11, 1998 Process of Crustal Differentiation: Crust-Mantle Interactions, Melting and Granite Migration through the Crust
Verbania, Italy
Contact: Lois Elms, Western Experience Penrose Conference Coordinators for the GSA at (719) 597-9201 or ljelms@aol.com

Education and Training Courses

The listing of available educational and training courses does not constitute and endorsement by the IGA.

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and co-sponsored by the Ground Water Institute. Contacts: Steven Helminiak at (414) 227-3173 or Lillian Hamdan at (414) 227-3116, sh@csd.uwm.edu, or http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/CCEE

Memphis, Tennessee
October 29-31, 1997. GIS-Based Ground Water Flow Modeling Using ArcView
November 5-7, 1997. Municipal and Environmental Applications of GIS using ArcView.
Sponsored by the Midwest Geosciences Group. Improving Hydrogeologic Investigations Part 1: Site Geologic Characterization in Glaciated Areas, One Day Workshop.  Additional information was included in the printed newsletter. October 24, 1997, Indian University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana.
November 14, 1997. Embassy Suites Hotel, Oak Brook, Illinois.
November 15, 1997, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sponsored by the National Ground Water Education Foundation. Contacts: (800) 551-7379, (614) 898-7791, or http://www.h2o-ngwa.org

Sponsored by the University Consortium Solvents-in-Groundwater Research Program

Sponsored by Princeton Groundwater. Contacts: (813) 855-6898, Info@princeton-groundwater.com, or http://www.princeton-groundwater.com Orlando, Florida
February 9-13, 1998. Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology

San Francisco, California
February 23-27, 1998. Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology

Las Vegas, Nevada
December 15-19, 1997. Princeton Remediation Course.

Two review sessions for the Illinois well contractor pump installation exam are sponsored each year by the Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals. Illinois exams are given by the Illinois Public Health Department in March and October. Call Sue Bohenstengle at (708) 386-1566 for more information.

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